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    Garage Door Service Redmond gladly invites you to their online image gallery.
    Go through their extensive range of agricultural, industrial, commercial and
    residential garage doors. They have a great selection of handy accessories and gadgets;
    they offer a customized treatment. You can choose your own doors and windows as you see fit;
    the style you prefer; the models you like best; and the colors and patterns you want.
  • Garage Door Repair Redmond
    Garage Doors
    Getting a new garage door is actually serious deal; nothing can be taken for granted. There are many
    considerations to take into account. The process can be time consuming and expensive because you
    want your door to last as long as possible in the best conditions. You do not want to spend a lot of money
    and time to regret your decision later on. That is why It is paramount to get the best garage door there is
    in the market. Redmond Garage Doors wishes to grant you with this door you are looking for. We offer you
    a personalized service with plenty of options for you to make a conscious decision. If the doors you see
    do not live up to your expectations or satisfy your taste, we offer you our DIY service so you can create
    the perfect door for you. You can put on the designer suit and invent or re-invent your own garage door,
    deciding what you want it to look like and work like. We have all the most up-to-date
    technological materials and tools to come up with the door of your dreams.
  • Redmond Garage Door Service
    We Service Garage Doors
    We have the best and finest accredited technicians in store, waiting for your call.
    No matter what problem your door is presenting; broken remotes or springs,
    doors off track or jammed openers, we have a practical response that will end it.
    Get in touch with us and we will cater to your garage door needs.
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Garage Door Service Redmond

New Door Installation

The garage doors of your dreams may spring to life! Get in touch with us and get all the information you might need. We will walk you through the process and provide you with all the necessary materials to get your new door installed to taste.

Garage Door Redmond, WA

New Opener Installation

Redmond Garage Doors offers qualified technicians are experienced in garage door and accessories installation. The most fashionable and up-to-date garage door openers are the ones we work with around here. We have a vast collection of openers, such as belt drive, chain drive, and shaft drive among many others.  Remote and wireless access control systems are our specialty. We have a lot of variety.

Garage Door Service Redmond

Garage Door Repair Redmond

Redmond Garage Doors puts at your service a round-the-clock garage door repair system. Anyone can get access to it in the Redmond area in the King County. Do contact us if your garage door presents problems of any sort.

Redmond Garage Doors

If you are in need of professional, round-the-clock, quick assistance in the Redmond area, do call Redmond Garage Door. Our specialists are ready to solve your problems. You can rest assured because our specialists are accredited, approved and qualified to fix or set up any garage door motorized system in no time as well as offer you maintenance on a regular basis. Visit us in our store or website so you can take a look at all our products and services. Check all the accessories, models, materials, patterns and styles we have to offer you. We expand our services to all sorts of areas, such as educational, commercial, industrial and residential premises. You do not want to spare any expense when it comes to your security, your privacy and your comfort, so we make all the necessary efforts best in order to provide you with a door that will make you feel safe and protected.  We take pride in offering our customers the most advanced automated garage door systems. Redmond Garage Door ensures you will receive a fine service by the best technicians in the garage door business. Redmond Garage Door offers nothing but the best.

If you are having problems with your garage door opener, the rail system or the whole door in general and some replacing is needed, Redmond Garage Door experts are perfectly quilified to help you with that and any other situation that needs looking-into. We repair doors or change them if that is what is needed. We also repair and replace remote controls. Furthermore, we deal with all the technical aspects of garage doors so any situation that may arise is not a problem we cannot solve.

Redmond Garage Door delivers a consultation and assessment personalized system that caters to your particular necessities. It varies from manufacturing to regular maintenance for our customers.  Your satisfaction is our priority.

In Redmond Garage Doors, we have variety in long-lasting materials at feasible prices; our customers have the freedom to choose all that which they need and wish without a dramatic alteration of their budgets.

All our services and merchandise have full warranty, which guarantees that after your door has been installed, you will enjoy our repairing and maintenance services; not to mention that it is free of charge, of course.

We have the best material in the area available for our customers. The best and most celebrated door makers in the country work with us. There is no need for you to be preoccupied about style or quality, the best is here at your disposal; aluminum, steel and wooden garage doors are among the types of doors we offer you. Our provision depends on what you are interested in; colors, classic looks, flexibility or patterns.

If you are looking for thermal resistance and insulation garage doors, Redmond Garage Doors has just what you need. We work in congruence with the insulation standards, which are suggested for most domestic environments. Come, meet with our experts and consult them about garage door installations or have them visit your residence or business location so they can assess it and give you a full evaluation. They will be thorough on their assessment so all the aspects that need fixing get fixed.

Garage Door Service in Redmond

Who we are

Redmond Garage Door specialists are trained, experienced and knowledgeable; they are updated and aware of new technologies in garage door systems. Our expertise allows us to get the job done effectively and in record time for you maximum satisfaction. We devote ourselves to our community


The best and finest materials in the market are here in Redmond Garage Doors. We specialize in installing stylish wooden garage doors, aluminum and fiber garage doors, light and tough steel doors for people who are interested in lighter and more updated materials.


Redmond Garage Doors staff is very knowledgeable in thermal insulation. All our doors can be equipped with our greatest insulation materials in order to ensure efficient thermal containment.


A vast selection of openers is here waiting for you. We deal with the silent belt driven opener as well as the strong chain driven one. We provide you with power supplies providing there is no power.

Affordable Service

We offer the most economical prices for the finest job in Redmond. You will get exactly what you are looking for, and pay a fair price.

Reliable Services

Since we are conscious that time is money; we make sure we arrive on time in order to be of service for you.

Professional Services

We are accredited and qualified experts. We are highly trained and experienced in garage door installation, reparation and maintenance.

Clients Testimonials

  • Dean Jackson

    I didn’t know what to do with my springs, they were driving nuts and I did not have enough money to have them replaced, but a friend of mine told me about Redmond Garage Door Repair and convinced me to contact them. Best decision ever! Good work and low prices.

  • Marilyn Richardson

    If I had known about them before, I would have contacted them to install my first garage door. They did a really good job on the restoration and it only took a couple of days.

  • Rick Page

    When they got to my house I knew I had made a good decision, they had all these great tools and were so polite. They installed a whole new garage door system really quick.

Our Basic Services

Redmond Garage Door is the number one supplier of garage door services for residences and businesses. We take pride in having trained and experienced professionals working with us. After you work with them, the problem will not bother you again. We specialize in three main domains which are:

Garage Door Repair Redmond

Redmond Garage Door Installation

We install all kinds of garage door, no matter the size or model. We will follow, comply and cater to all your requirements. We have all the materials, styles and security systems you need available for you. We will install your access control systems, garage door openers and photocells. We also provide remote controls.

Redmond Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Service

It is vital not to let your garage doors crack and break. At Redmond Garage Doors, we will prevent that from happening. You will get regular garage door maintenance to keep your doors working properly.

Redmond, WA Redmond Garage Door

Garage Door Repair Redmond

We guarantee instant repair; you can rest assured because you will not have to wait endlessly for us to get the job you hired us for done. We fix off track doors, openers, rollers, springs, among many others. In case we need to do some replacing, our automobiles are greatly equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Do not stand in line and wait any longer. Please fill out the form below or reach us through the telephone number placed on your right. Talk to our experts, we will leave no question unanswered or doubt unclear. Once all the details are in our possession, we will grant you a free quote.

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